Studio Booking Policy:
Any time slot that is booked for recording time is charged by the time booked.
The start and end times selected are a final sale and cannot be changed unless the appointment is cancelled and/or rescheduled.
Your studio time starts and ends on the time you have selected. If you come late to a studio session you will still be charged from the start time you booked.
No discounts or change in price will be given to anyone who comes late to a studio session. You will be required to pay for the full time that you booked

Cancellation Policy:
All cancellations must be made 48hrs in advance of a booked time slot.
Please contact me (Icon) at 317-506-3135 if you need to cancel your session and your booked slot is less than 48hrs away.
All pre-payed time slots are final sales and cannot be refunded.
They can however be applied to your account as a credit for more studio time as long as 48hr notice is given prior to a cancellation/reschedule.
If notice is given in under 48 hrs of a cancellation/reschedule the deposit ammount will not be refunded or applied as a credit.

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